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The Tashkent House of Photography


Address: 4 Istiqbol Street, Tashkent

Reference point: Tashkent chimes, metro "Amir Temur"

Phone: (+998) 71-233-5164, 71-233-8051, 71-233-5168

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00am-17:00pm

Day off: Monday

In the center of the capital of Uzbekistan, there is a museum of modern art - the Tashkent House of Photography. The building itself is an architectural landmark, as it was built in 1934 by the design of famous artists and architects of Uzbekistan. The facade of the museum is decorated with a medieval-style entrance portal with blue tiles. The doors of the building are specially made by Tashkent woodcarving masters.

Outstanding artists - A.N. Volkov, N. Usto-Mumin, N. Karkhan, A. Siddiki and others - exhibited their works in the House of Photography.

The main activity of the Tashkent House of Photography is holding competitions, exhibitions, seminars, festivals and other events.

Until now, the administration of the Tashkent House of Photography has successfully organized several exhibitions of Uzbek art in Paris, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

The largest event organized by the Tashkent House of Photography once every two years is the Tashkent International Photo Biennale - "TashkentAle", which is attended by a large number of photographers from all over the world.


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