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The first tennis court on the territory of Uzbekistan appeared in Tashkent in 1903. This site was built on the initiative of one of the teachers of the craft school, Van Dracek. Since that time, the development of this noble sport has begun. Over the years, tennis has won the hearts of many Uzbek people, and in 2001, the Uzbek Cup was established.

Nowadays, in almost all major cities of the republic you can find professional tennis clubs and well-equipped courts. Only on the territory of Tashkent there are 9 of them. The top three tennis players in Uzbekistan include Denis Istomin, Khumoyun Sultanov and Sanjar Fayziev.

If you love tennis, do not miss the opportunity to visit local competitions and play with coach or your friends.


1. "Uzbekistan" - State tennis club (STC)

Address: General Khodzhayev str., 1 A (Yunus-abad district) m. station Bodomzor

Contact: (+998) 71-234-3285

2. Republican tennis school of the Olympic reserve (RTSHOR)

Address: Uzbekistan, 100125, Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Yalangach suburb

Contact: (+998) 71-208-94-96

3. "Yoshlik" Sports and recreation complex ("VIP Service NBU" UE, Center)

Address: 16 Okkurgon street, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Contact: +998712689810

4. "Xadra Tennis Klubi" ("Khadra" tennis club)

Address: Uzbekistan, 100021, Tashkent, Shaikhantahur district, Zarkaynar str., 1

Contact: +998712441446

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