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The Aral dream embodies in the music video of the rock band ELECTROOKO and Zhenisbek Piyazov


Today, on August 30, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic hosted the premiere of a unique musical project – the video of the Uzbek rock band ELECTROOKO and People's Artist of Uzbekistan Zhenisbek Piyazov for the song "Tomorrow".

The music video was a kind of start of a large-scale project "The Aral Dream" by Nikita Makarenko and the National Film Commission of Uzbekistan.

The author of the script, director and producer was an Uzbek well-known journalist Nikita Makarenko, who had previously shot a video for the song ELECTROOKO "1984". The project was implemented in cooperation with the National Film Commission of Uzbekistan.

"We invested all possible forces and resources in this work: we wanted to make a real, not fake work of art in order to attract maximum attention to the problems of the Aral Sea region, climate change and the importance of water conservation in our region. We hope that even more people around the world will be interested in the amazing Karakalpakstan, its people and culture - and will want to visit it," - Nikita Makarenko said.

The music video became a real gift for many residents of Uzbekistan for the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the republic, as well as support for the UN General Assembly resolution declaring the Aral Sea region a "zone of environmental innovations and technologies" in 2021.

The author of the song was Ashot Danielyan, a well-known poet, musician and literary critic. The song in Uzbek and Karakalpak languages was performed by the People's Artist of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan Zhenisbek Piyazov, as well as the ELECTROOKO group accompanied by the State Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan.

The video starred novice and professional actors from Karakalpakstan, as well as the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Seydulla Moldakhanov.

According to the authors of the video, the preparation for filming lasted more than a year. The video was shot in the middle of summer in difficult climatic conditions in Karakalpakstan: on the Ustyurt plateau, the Barsakelmes salt marsh, in the village of Kubla-Ustyurt and in the city of Muynak.

Dmitry Vollmer, one of the most successful Russian production operators, known for his work with the Bi-2 group, LJ and Levan Gorozia, was brought in to shoot the video.

As part of the large-scale project "The Aral Dream", the authors established a non-profit organization of the same name, which is designed to bring the problems of the Aral Sea region into the world mass culture, as well as to fully promote the cultural and intellectual development of the region.

Many interesting movements are planned for the project: a large multidisciplinary festival in Nukus, an exhibition "Memory of Water" at the Igor Savitsky Karakalpak State Museum of Art, a charity ball in the United States of America, the publication of the manga "Aral Dream" and other projects.

More information about the projects and mission of the "Aral Dream" can be found on the website Russian version, and the clip itself is available on the Youtube channel ELECTROOKO in Uzbek-Russian and Karakalpak-Russian versions and on the TV channel UzreportTV.

The project partners were the Zamin Foundation, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Ecology and Environmental Protection, the Agency for Youth Affairs, Jokargy Kenes and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Among the partners were also the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Human Security in the Aral Sea Region, the UN Information Office, UNDP and the Swiss Cooperation Office at the Embassy of Switzerland.

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