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"Miraki" has become a "tourist mahalla"

01.05.2024 102

As part of an international event in Shahrisabz, an informational tour was organized for representatives of the ECO Secretariat and member states of the organization, as well as local and foreign media representatives, to acquaint them with the unique tourist attractions of the region.

During the info tour, participants were introduced to new tourist sites in Shahrisabz, which in recent years have been attracting more tourists with their beautiful nature.

The Secretary-General of the Economic Cooperation Organization, Husraw Noziri, also participated in the presentation of tourism in the Miraki area. During it, the tourist potential of the area was reviewed, and in accordance with the established requirements, "Miraki" was granted the status of a "tourist mahalla."

"Shahrisabz attracts tourists' attention not only because it is an ancient city but also with its picturesque nature. The Miraki mahalla is a district that remains true to its traditions, thanks to both its geographical location and lifestyle. For this reason, tourists who come here discover something new every time. Shahrisabz is becoming an excellent tourist destination that attracts tourists for an extended time," said Umid Shadiyev, Chairman of the Tourism Committee.

"Over the past year, the number of foreign tourists entering the Miraki area has exceeded a thousand. The influx of local tourists is also approaching 1 million. We expect these figures to increase several times this year. We have enough reasons for this. This area can serve up to six and a half thousands tourists simultaneously. The status of a 'tourist mahalla' will play an important role in the further development of the tourist infrastructure in the future," noted Samad Hasanov, the khakim of the Shahrisabz district.

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