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The madrasah of Mukhammad Amin-Khan


Ichan-Kala is the heart and soul of ancient Khiva. It is the place, where the largest number of ancient mosques and madrasahs in Uzbekistan are located. In the western part of Ichan-Kala there is one of the largest madrassahs in Uzbekistan. This is the madrasah of Mukhammad Amin-Khan. In the history of urban planning in Khiva, Mukhammad Amin-Khan is known as the author of the legendary “Kalta Minor” minaret, the construction of which was stopped due to the death of the Khan.

The impressive size of the madrasah still attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. There are 125 hujras – prayer rooms on the ground floor, each of them has another spare room inside. On the second floor of the madrasah there are hujras with balconies. Ocne, the madrasah was home to the office of Muslim Ulama.

Five domes and corner towers form an unprecedented grandeur of the madrasah. Glazed bricks, multicolored majolica, and ornamental carvings were used as the decoration of the exterior facade.


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