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The memorial ensemble Shakhi-Zinda


Do you want to plunge into the past? Then you just need to visit one of the most picturesque monuments of ancient history – the Shakhi-Zinda memorial ensemble!

This place is one of the most revered places for pilgrims in Central Asia. The necropolis is associated with a religious figure, preacher of Islam, Qusama Ibn Abbas, a cousin of the prophet Mukhammad. According to the legend, Qusama Ibn Abbas was attacked here, but he took cover in a well and from there ascended to Paradise alive.

Therefore, this place is sacred for Muslims, and every ruler sought to build a memorial in Shakhi-Zinda and bury their loved ones here.

However, this place is also remarkable for its architectural design. The buildings are made of blue and turquoise tiles and are considered masterpieces of architecture from the XI century to the beginning of the XX century.


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