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Tomb of the Kings - Dakhma-i-Shahan


 Ferghana Valley is the fertile heart of Uzbekistan, the birthplace of outstanding people, poets and thinkers. The place of rule of the Kokand khans, there are 29 of them in total. Among the architectural monuments of Kokand, a unique ensemble occupies a special place - the family tomb of the Kokand rulers – Dakhma-i-Shahan.According to historical information, the idea of building this architectural monument and mausoleum belongs to the great Uzbek poet Mohlaroyim Nadira. Being the daughter of the Andijan ruler and the wife of one of the last Kokand khans Umarkhan, Nodira possessed an extraordinary mind and poetic gift, was a faithful spouse, a loving mother, a just and wise ruler of a huge khanate. After her husband's death in 1822, Nodira decided to build a large architectural complex from the family tomb where her husband and his ancestors were buried, which would later become an important landmark of this region. This complex architectural complex, characteristic of the memorial architecture of the Fergana Valley, was named khazira.

The magnificent entrance portal of the mausoleum is decorated with mosaic patterns of glazed tiles that make up an artistic harmony of blue and light blue. The upper part of the portal is decorated with a frame and patterns of compositions that we can see on Fergana fabrics.

On the door of the mausoleum, decorated with elegant carvings, inscriptions from the holy Quran and lines of verses of the ruler Umarkhan are interwoven in Arabic script.

Inside the ensemble there is a small mosque and family graves. Every detail, starting with doors and casement windows, ending with stone slabs has a special artistic value. Prominent masters of wood carving and ganch worked on the decoration and construction of this mausoleum. The tombstones of the rulers are decorated with carvings, oriental ornaments and quotations from the holy Quran.

Also, on the instructions of Nadira, a Chalpak madrasah was built nearby. The mausoleum is decorated with a sprawling orchard and various flower arrangements.


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