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Uzbek samsa - a delicacy from tandoor


It is impossible to resist such a delicacy as Uzbek samsa. Samsa can be called the pride of the Uzbek people. Delicious, flavorful, hot, cooked with love-occupies a special place on the Uzbek dastarkhan.

There are several dozen varieties of samsa that differ from each other not only in the recipe and filling, but also in the characteristic cooking technology. Usually it is prepared with finely chopped meat or minced meat, but there are also such original versions, in which pumpkin, spinach, potatoes, chicken meat are used as the filling.

Samsa, like tortillas, is baked in a special clay oven - tandoor. This oven gives flour products an inimitable taste and aroma, and also allows you to preserve all the useful properties. There are several types of tandoor, the most common – vertical and horizontal.

The choice of shapes, sizes, types of dough for samsa is amazing. At such a moment, you understand how creative and skilful the Uzbek people are in the culinary art. Here you can choose to try semi-spherical samsa, two-pair samsa, layered and fried samsa, baked samsa.

In each region of the country, samsa is baked in its own way with secret ingredients and a special skill that requires great skill. For example, famous samsa such as Jizzakh samsa - large, with meat filling; Bukhara samsa - baked and triangular shape; Alat samsa – with the thinnest dough and juicy filling; Karshi samsa - finger shape and elegant in appearance; Khorezm samsa - fried, with minced meat, green samsa – with greens and spinach. And this is not the whole list of delicious and juicy samsa, which can be baked here by experienced housewives even with their eyes closed.

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Its turkish food, can find it in Kırgızistan Özbekistan Kazakistan and east side of Turkiye

Mac Uysal | 25.09.2022

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