Uzbekistan Belt Kurash Championship will be held in Nukus


Kurash is a national treasure of the Uzbek people. Today Kurash is officially included in the world network of non-Olympic sports and is supported by UNESCO. Kurash – as a kind of national wrestling first appeared on the territory of modern Uzbekistan more than 3 thousand years ago.

According to historical data, the Uzbek people for many centuries were famous for their wrestlers-palvan and legendary riders who became the founders of national sports of Uzbekistan, such as kurash, belbogli kurash, ulok-kupkari, turon, boykurgan. Thanks to the reforms carried out in our country, a great opportunity has appeared to present national sports on the international arena, which are rightfully an integral part of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

And indeed, to this day, the Uzbek national wrestling kurash has not lost its popularity not only in Uzbekistan, but also around the world.

From December 10 to 12, the Uzbekistan belt Kurash championship among boys and girls born in 2008-2009 will be held in Nukus (Karakalpakstan).

Event organizers: Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Belt Sports Federation, Department of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

119 sets of diplomas (29 sets for 1st place, 29 for 2nd place, and 58 for 3rd place) will be played at the belt kurash competitions in Nukus.

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