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Uzbekistan is developing projects on the monetization of museums and theaters

20.06.2020 815

What does any tourist need? These are good service, ancient architecture, unique nature and climate, delicious food, and, of course, objects of cultural leisure.

Uzbekistan is one of the few countries in Central Asia that amazes with not only the fascinating architectural monuments, but also with unique museums and theatres, which, by the way, are many years old. In this regard, in order to support the main cultural objects, the government works out the package of various measures, among which the marketing promotion and monetization of these cultural objects are relevant.

Since this year, two new projects, “Living Museum” and “Magnificent Theatre”, are being worked out in Uzbekistan. Their main goal is to unite all the museums and theatres of the country into a single system of promotion and management.

Thereby, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development are introducing the interactive search zones, the unique system of simultaneous translation of actor’s speech for foreign tourists, and the electronic monitor displays with text translations in some museums and theatres of the country.

Moreover, the posts of guide interpreters, marketers and specialists in the monetization of the theaters and museums services are being established there.

These projects are aimed at the digitalization of the cultural objects, which includes the development of museums sites, QR codes, mobile applications, and the placement of information about cultural sites at airports, train stations, aircraft and trains, in public places, advertising facilities and kiosks.

In addition, using block chain technology, a unified electronic system for buying electronic tickets is going to be implemented at cultural sites. Since August 2020, this system will be used at Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theatre, the National Academic Drama Theatre, Mukimi State Musical Theatre and Bukhara State Museum-Reserve.

The projects for monetization and promotion of the services of the State Museum of the Temurids’ History, the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theatre, the National Academic Drama Theatre, “The Mingurik” Museum and the Centre for International Relations at the Academy of Art are planned to be implemented until January 1, 2020.

Furthermore, the government is planning to found the Centre for the International Theater Institute under UNESCO and to develop cooperation with the International Council of Museums.

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