Termez is a true frontier town, for thousands of years it has been conquered, re-conquered and conquered again by famous historical figures such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Tamerlane.  It was once at the heart of Buddhism in Central Asia and also one of the stops on the ancient Silk Road. Then it became a city of hundreds of Imams and scholars of Islam. 

The tomb of Al Hakkim At-Termizi

Hakim al-Termezi (824-892 CE) is an outstanding Muslim thinker, Sufi master, Hadith collector and lawyer. Today the mausoleum of Hakim al-Termezi is visited by many Muslims

Buddha from Fayaz Tepe, Termez, 2nd century.

About Termez

Termez has been a Silk Road hub for more than 2500 years. Throughout its illustrious history, the city switched rulers, religions, allegiances and even locations.  Strategically perched on the Amu Darya, ancient Termez has seen borders become bridges and then become borders again. For those who do make it this far, a variety of Islamic and especially pre-Islamic sights await.