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1303 steps to the cave of Hazrati Daud (David)


Just 40 kilometers from Samarkand, in the village of Aksai there is an amazing archaeological monument, a shrine and just a miracle of nature-the cave of Hazrat Daud or St. David. It is known that this saint is revered in three world religions at once. Muslims call him Hazrat Daud, and Orthodox and Jews call him David. His life story is shrouded in secrets and legends, he had the gift of prophecy and healing. At the age of 33, Saint David became the ruler of the united kingdom of Israel and Judea and reigned for forty years.

According to the Muslim version, after his reign, David was sent by God to the lands of Asia to conduct preaching activities. On the territory of Central Asia, David caused anger and persecution from the fire-worshippers-Zoroastrians. He was chased for a long time, until he disappeared into the mountains. Escaping, David raised his hands to heaven and turned to the Almighty. Having gained remarkable strength and the ability to melt iron with his hands, he parted the stones of the cave and took refuge inside. So, Daud became the patron of all blacksmiths. The ruler of Samarkand learned about him and his abilities. He captured the missionary and Saint Daud worked for the ruler for a long time.

There is another legend about the cave of Hazrat Daoud. Once King David decided to fight with a huge warrior-Goliath. Magically, the jinn brought the king to a cave near Samarkand, so that David could gather his strength before the battle. But the supernatural beings of the Ifrit found out where Daud was, and they brought Goliath on their backs. Saint Daud was not ready for battle and was forced to flee, but Goliath overtook him. And then the saint turned to God with a request for protection. The Lord scattered stones and huge boulders on the way. Daud threw stones with his hands, clearing a path for himself. He did not immediately notice that the stones were literally melting in his hands. Running up to the cave, Daud melted the entrance and took refuge inside, leaving an enraged Goliath behind him.

The cave of Hazrat Daoud has turned into a shrine. Dozens of pilgrims visit it every day. It is believed that all the wishes made are realized inside, and requests addressed to the Almighty will be heard faster. To get to it, you need to climb up, having overcome 1303 degrees. At the very peak of the mountain there is an ancient mosque, if you go down 200 steps, you can get to the cave of the saint itself.

The cave looks like a long tunnel, at the end of which the handprints and footprints of Hazrat Daoud have been preserved. If you touch them, even the most incredible wish will certainly come true.

Not everyone can overcome more than 1500 steps. Therefore, camels and horses are "on duty" near the shrine. Along the entire staircase there are retail shops, where you can buy souvenirs, water, food for a snack, medicinal herbs and much more.

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mazza qilib dam oladigan joylar ekan gap yoq 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Asadbek Ravshanov | 18.05.2022

Assalomu alaykum Hazrati Dovud alayhissalom bu yerda bulmagan hech kim ishonch dalil keltira olmaydi vallohu alam

Umid Jonizoqov | 27.08.2022

Men ham sizga 1 qoʻshilaman👆👆👆👆👆

Xusravbek Normurodov | 28.02.2023

I visited the place this April. The view at the top of the mountain was mesmerizing. However, the queue to the cave was chaotic. Boys and girls were squeezing their way into the cave. There was no system at place (on that day only maybe).

Jade Marck Cadianza | 11.05.2023

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