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Most people around the world have hobbies associated with painting, photography, drawing, applied art or other types of creativity. Such people simply cannot imagine their life without regular visits to cultural places, where they can get in touch with art in one form or another.

Never before have art and modern technologies complemented each other so harmoniously - 3D images allow you to remotely explore the unique stands and exhibits of museums and galleries. Thanks to technology, you can see all the digitized works of art, both recognized world masterpieces and the works of little-known talents, even without leaving your home.

Online or virtual art galleries can be called one of the most effective methods for popularizing art, promoting the artistic and cultural potential of a country around the world. In Uzbekistan, in recent years, online resources of museums and art galleries in various types and genres of art have been actively developing in public access, 3D tours, digital panoramas and stands, multimedia and animation tools are being created. 3D tours of art museums, webcasts from international exhibitions, individual sites of contemporary artists, online art galleries, virtual art and art galleries, digital art collections are available to everyone today.

Connoisseurs of art can fully enjoy the work of great people who lived both in Central Asia and beyond. Masterpieces of architecture, unique historical artifacts, family collections and relics, exhibits of art objects, sculptures, exquisite paintings and photographs of Uzbek, Russian and European artists and photographers, art and interior items, graphics, installations - all this and much more you can see on local sites in the form of virtual tours, which will help you explore all the collections of interest in the same detail as if you were personally present in a museum, exhibition or gallery.

Below are links of popular local sites that will help you take a visual tour of tourist places, galleries and museums in Uzbekistan. Start your unforgettable journey now!

Virtual tour of Uzbekistan

Virtual tour of the museums of Tashkent

Virtual tour of the museums of Samarkand

Google Art & Culture

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