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Agro-tourist village of Varganza


Varganza is the first agro-tourist village. The international agro-tourism festival “Anor” – “Pomegranate” was held here in 2019 for the first time in Uzbekistan. The representatives of 23 countries took part in the festival, and the village received the status of an agro-tourist village.

The pomegranate valley is located here. There is a legend about the beginning of pomegranate cultivation here. The first pomegranate in this area was planted by Hazrati Bashir-Ota. He distributed pomegranate seedlings to those who asked for his help, showing them where to plant them. The old man drew a line on the ground from the village to the river that runs nearby with his staff and told them to dig a ditch. “The pomegranate is our future welfare”, he said at that time.


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