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Tourist village Sentob

20.12.2022 1454

Between the Nurata mountains and the Kyzylkum desert in the Navoi region, there is a small village of Sentob. Due to the remoteness from the city, the village has retained its authenticity and the traditional look of a Central Asian village. Everything has retained its originality and harmony - nature, local people, natural food, their own vegetables and fruits, adobe houses. Ancient dwellings have an unusual shape with narrow doors and low ceilings.

But for tourists, all amenities have been created here: guests can stay in comfortable cottages, and at the same time enjoy all the possibilities of life in the village - ride horses, take walks in the surroundings or hike in the mountains, go on an excursion to the rock petroglyphs of Sarmyshsay and much more.

Despite the remoteness from large cities, life in Sentob is in full swing. The territory has long been mastered by local and foreign tourists; guest houses in the national style and recreation areas have begun to open here. Guest houses are equipped with all amenities for tourists. Popular places to visit include Aydarkul Lake, Sarmyshsay Gorge with ancient petroglyphs, mysterious caves and a waterfall.

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