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Chor Minor

18.05.2022 1426

Chor Minor (Persian. — four towers — - architectural monument in Bukhara (1807). Caliph niyozkuli built. The Tsar minor is a mosque built in a traditional way, consisting of a single-storey Madrasah, a courtyard surrounded by cells with a single cavern. The mosque of the type of Sinchli terrace is the jan of the courtyard.located in the western corner. Madrasa is entered through a 2-storey, dome-roof gate. The gatehouse with Murabba tarkhli has a unique incarnation solution: the front is paved, four towers are located on the Four Corners (the name is also from this), the top of the minarets is completed in the form of a dome, they are decorated with glazed mosaics. 1 floor of the 2-storey room is in the form of a miyonsaroy, the izors are covered with stones, the roof is domed, the 2 floor is a library, the ceiling of the library is a low dome, filled with a ring of simple Muqarnas. 2kavat through the staircase in one of the minarets.

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