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Garden Of Tamerlane "Bagibaland» is transformed in touristic district


In the village of Bagibaland in the suburbs of Samarkand, a tourist district is formed.

The picturesque Bagibalan garden – one of the twelve gardens of Tamerlane, was located on the left bank of Zarafshan on the slope of the Chupanata mountains, hence its name. Ancient garden mentioned in the Baburname, it was built by Timur the Great for his beloved granddaughter Okabegim, a daughter of Miranshah.

The great Tamerlane, a connoisseur of all that is beautiful, was not only a tough ruler and urban planner. This is evidenced by local residents who carefully preserve the history of the region, who know and pass on the special secret of growing local figs from generation to generation.

The idea to turn a unique garden into a tourist object belongs to the State Committee of Tourism development of Uzbekistan and the Samarkand Department for tourism development.Today in the communities have already started practical work on the development of tourist destinations and to create a program for tourists. For example, farmers engaged in cultivation of figs began work on the organization of zones and seating areas for visitors. Here to create the atmosphere of the ancient East are the couch and sipani with sheds in a traditional style. Visitors to the tourist mahalla-district can enjoy the flavor of national dishes, and in the fresh air, see 300-year-old Fig trees, participate in the harvest and master classes in the preparation of sweets: dried fruits and various jams. The tour program includes visits to historical sites, a plant for the production of carpets and objects of medical tourism.

Already last year, roads leading to the ancient garden were equipped, construction of residential and shopping complexes, cultural and entertainment centers, food outlets and sanitary and hygienic centers was started. There will also be WI-Fi zones in the mahalla.

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