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How the fashion of Uzbek girls has changed


The beauty of an oriental girl is a combination of delicate face features, a gentle smile, wise eyes with inner modesty, nobility and oriental upbringing. From time immemorial, the men has sung the beauty of the Eastern woman, and the beauties, in turn, did not stop surprising with their beauty and captivating images.

At different times, the image of the Uzbek girl has changed, following historical changes and fashion trends. Especially significant were the stylistic changes during the XX century. Uzbek women's images were rapidly changing. But the main feature of Uzbek fashion always remains one thing-the constant loyalty to the stunning Uzbek fabrics, national jewelry, which for centuries have created charming images peculiar only to oriental beauties.

 The favorites among Uzbek women have always been and remain luxurious dresses made of velvet, khan-atlas and adras, made with the ikat technique, magnificent jewelry made of precious stones, tillyakosh forehead jewelry, headdresses: skullcaps and chapans. The women's national set includes a tunic dress and trousers, such outfits have always been made with bright and colorful patterns on the fabric.

At the beginning of the XX century, a woman was as closed as possible from prying eyes. Gradually, she became more open to the outside world, removing the veil. In the 30s, an Uzbek woman already proudly wore bright dresses made of national fabrics, braided her hair into braids and decorated her head with a skullcap. The 40s, like all over the world, were not easy, which means that the female image was as modest as possible. But already in the 50s, a woman again felt like a woman, wearing fashionable outfits of that period.

The female image has become more European. It was then, for the first time, that the Uzbek woman put on elegant patent leather boots and a luxurious sheepskin coat. In the 60s, a woman chose to gather her numerous braids into an elegant bun, emphasizing the beauty of her neck with fashionable pearl beads, but still did not abandon national motifs, continuing to wear her favorite fabrics made of satin and silk.

In the 70s, a woman began to experiment more with the length of her hair. Now she was not afraid to remove the length and make a fashionable square. Make-up has become brighter, and outfits are as practical as possible with an emphasis on convenience and modesty. In the 80s and 90s, denim trends, comfortable sneakers and lush hairstyles prevailed in the style of the Uzbek woman. In the noughties, the female image became more glamorous – bright flashy images appeared, as if they had descended from fashionable glossy covers. But already in the second decade of the new century, glamorous images were replaced by elegant ones. Gentle make-up, calm tones, delightful dresses with a national print-emphasized the dignity, purity of soul and incredible attractiveness in a woman.

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