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Ice and Uzbekistan seem to be incompatible things. Uzbekistan is always associated with the sun or hot weather, but not with ice. But since the beginning of 2019, after the completion of the Humo arena sports and entertainment complex in Tashkent, it has become possible to attend matches, tournaments and competitions in hockey, curling, short track, and figure skating.

Since September 2019, Humo Arena has hosted regular matches of the “Higher hockey League " championship. It was an honor and a great joy to attend one of the matches of HC Humo (Tashkent) and HC Dynamo” (SPb).

The Ice Palace impressed with its size, beauty, modern architectural solutions, and versatility. The Palace is built in the shape of the wing of the Humo bird of happiness. There is a multi-level parking lot nearby. The complex meets all modern safety and equipment requirements, accommodates 12 thousand 500 spectators. The stadium was almost completely filled with fans and sports fans. It was nice to be a part of something big and common.

It was clear that the audience of different ages went to the match with high spirits and fighting spirit. After the start of the match, everyone began to clap in unison, banging noisemakers to cheer on the players, chanting “Victory!”, “Puck, the washer!”. During the match, special drummers moved around the stands, who managed to rally the audience and support the players in difficult moments.

In short intervals, during the replacement of hockey players, female cheerleaders danced between the aisles, encouraging athletes and spectators. During their dance, incendiary music of world hits was played. Everyone was happy and danced, from young to elders.

Meanwhile, the hockey players were doing their job. They showed a professional game-tough, principled, strong-willed. On the ice, there was a real firestorm between the players. They pushed, shoved, pressed against the wall, fell, but quickly rose. Several times there were skirmishes: hot athletes, without having time to take off their gloves, tried to “solve all the problems " right on the ice. Of course, after such incidents, the referee's punishment was immediate, in the form of rest on the bench.

But such a tough game was to the liking of all the audience, and it did not prevent to maintain an atmosphere of incredible positivity and goodwill. Yes, people only would bread and circuses!

In between three periods of the game, you can go out and walk around the complex. Here you can buy souvenirs from hockey teams, take memorable photos near the stands, go to the Museum and get acquainted with the Museum's exhibits, see rare cars, buy something for a snack.

Contests and quizzes were also held during breaks. The audience took part with enthusiasm and mood. As a prize, a hockey puck and branded t-shirts were played.

During the match, not a single spectator was left without attention. You may wonder how this is possible. And this is possible with the help of a large screen that transmitted the broadcast of the audience from the podium online. As soon as the camera started shooting, the audience cheerfully passed greetings, smiled and blew kisses. There were special categories "Kids time” and "Kiss calm". Children were so happy to be captured, and couples in love-once again to tell about their feelings.

Although the team "Humo" lost to the team “Dynamo” with the score 2:5, no one was left indifferent. The hockey players proudly shook hands and thanked the audience for the warm welcome.

It was clear that the audience did not willingly disperse. My soul demanded more. At that moment, I thought how good it is that now there is such a wonderful Ice Palace in Tashkent, which has brought something new, positive and useful. It was great to see how children and teenagers went happy in the attributes of hockey teams, with what interest they looked at the championship cups and photos of famous athletes.

How good it is that winter sports have started to develop in Uzbekistan! An extra reason to distract young people from their smartphones, and adults – from everyday worries.


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