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Would you like to learn more about the life and work of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan? Now you can visit the Museum of the Scientific and educational memorial complex named after Islam Karimov. The former name of the Museum is "residence of Oksaray" ("White Palace"), where Islam Karimov once worked and conducted his political activities. In addition to the Museum, the luxurious Palace also has a library and reading room, a science center, and a conference room.

Museum exhibits are located in the halls of the residence. In the first hall, you can see photos, documents and even personal items of the President. In the second hall you will see an art collection that depicts Islam Karimov. It is interesting that the President has never personally posed for artists or photographers.

Some of the paintings are very interesting, you can see Islam Karimov in an unusual role, the subjects of which resemble mythical tales. The Museum also has smart screens that help you get acquainted with interesting facts about the life of Islam Karimov.

The complex has a beautiful garden with walking paths and flower beds. A bronze monument to Islam Karimov stands on a high pedestal near the Palace.


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