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Japanese garden


Address: 107 Amir Temur Street, Tashkent

Reference point: metro "Badamzar", "Tashkent-land", hotel "Intercontinental"

Phone: (+998) 71-235-0250,  71-238-5610

Hours: daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Web-site: Japanese garden


The Japanese garden is one of the most picturesque, cozy, well-groomed and beautiful corners of the capital, which is ideal for relaxing in the bosom of nature, organizing a small picnic with your family or friends. The construction of such a landscape park was carried out in accordance with the complex system of Japanese garden art, in which the perfect world of earthly nature is displayed in miniature.

Japanese Garden - Entrance

The official opening of the Japanese garden took place in 2001 and even after many years the garden is a favorite place for organizing wedding videos and photo sessions, walks for lovers and romantics. Also, a visit to the Japanese garden, saturated with refined oriental exoticism and magic, is popular among people looking for solitude and peace, who love to contemplate the splendor of nature, enjoy the silence, also for those who just want to take a break from the bustle of the city or dream, remember the pleasant moments of life, tune in a new positive wave.

The Japanese garden is saturated with an incredible atmosphere of tranquility, coolness, where freshness reigns in the air, the scent of foliage and grass with a slight tint of spring flowers. In every corner of the park you can see decorations with an artistic idea and flavor of Japanese culture: cozy gazebos, benches, neat rounded wooden bridges, a tea house, granite and wooden lanterns in the Japanese style, compositions of decorated stones of unusual shapes, well-groomed clean winding paths for moving on the territory of the garden, trees, shrubs, flowering herbaceous plants.

During a walk in the garden, a magnificent view of the reservoir opens up in which swans and ducks swim from time to time. Also in other parts of the territory you can meet swans, storks, ducks, geese and peacocks, which carelessly walk along the green lawns and avenues of the garden. Beautiful goldfish swim in small ponds, water lilies and other unusual plants bloom on the surface.

Impressions from visiting a Japanese garden remain for a long time, leaving deep inside a sense of harmony, clarity and something pleasant and attractive that you want to come here again and experience them again.


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