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Kalkamin reservoir and a mysterious stone with the mysterious footprints


Kashkadarya region continues to surprise with its unusual and even anomalous places. One of those places Kalkamin reservoir with a very interesting attraction called "Shaheed".

The reservoir is located in a quiet and cozy place between Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. It was built in 1968 to prevent the devastating mudslides on the Kumdarya River. The surrounding nature of the reservoir is an incredibly picturesque place. The green expanses are fascinating, hills and rocky peaks are in the complete harmony with each other.

Not far from the reservoir, you can visit the anomalous attraction “Shaheed” – a stone of a bizarre shape with its own legend. It is known that the age of the stone is almost 5 million years, and its homeland is the Indian Ocean. No one knows exactly how such a stone managed to overcome such a long way to end up in Kashkadarya. There is a version that under the influence of tectonic plates, the stone got to the ridge of the Zarafshan Mountains and only then moved to the mountains of Kashkadarya. It is believed that the unusual indentations in the stone are dinosaur footprints.

Near the reservoir, you can see a mountain river, whose sources come from a small lake called “Alvastikul”, which means “lake of the evil spirit”. No one knows why it is called so. The lake is located between three rocks and is accompanied by unusual rocks and mini-waterfalls. Probably, the unusual stones here have become like this because of the dry and sometimes even dusty winds called “Makrid winds”.

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