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Margilan Craft Centers


Ask any Uzbek where you can buy a pure silk products. You will certainly be advised to go to Margilan.

For a long time, this region has been famous as the largest center for silk production. The oldest silk-weaving factory "Yodgorlik" operates in the city. The factory was opened in 1972.

Today, it is the only factory in Uzbekistan where the entire production cycle of silk products is carried out manually using traditional sericulture technologies.

In Margilan, there are ancient schools of pottery and sericulture. More than 1,000 families in Margilan are engaged in handicrafts. More than 500 artisans from Margilan are members of the Hunarmand National Association of artizans. The international silk festival "Atlas Bayrami" is held annually in Margilan. 

In 2017, by the decision of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, the technology of making the Uzbek traditional atlas and adras was included in the UNESCO Register of Best Practices for the Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The unique practice was named "Margilan Center for the development of crafts, protection of atlas and adras, creating traditional technologies".

On one of the days of the Atlas Bayrami festival, the UNESCO certificate of this practice was awarded to the Margilan Center for the Development of Crafts.

The center was opened under the patronage of UNESCO in 2007. The tasks of the center include the revival and preservation of the production technology of traditional fabrics for Margilan-silk and adras. The center is engaged in training, exhibitions and fairs, as well as the preparation and publication of materials dedicated to the preservation of the traditional method of weaving.

At the beginning of 2020, another artisan center was built in Margilan on the initiative of master Ibrahimjon Sultanov on the basis of a public-private partnership.
Маргиланский центр ремесленничестваMargilan Handicraft Centerthe center employs 600 craftsmen. It produces about 200 types of satin and adras, carpets, sewing and other products.Центр ремесленничества в Маргилане

Craft center in Margilan the underground level of the two-story center is located weaving workshops, where they produce satin, adras, snipe, silk and velvet fabrics. On the ground floor there is an exhibition of finished products, a podium, and an atelier. Here you can see the process of sewing and applying colors to the fabric. On the second floor there is a carpet shop. 

Here they sew unique carpets made of real silk.The new Margilan center is famous for its high-quality silk, natural dyes are used in the coloring of silk. The unique products of the center are already exported to Turkey, the United States, Italy, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

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