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The Memorial Complex of Zangi-ota


If you travel to Tashkent, be sure to visit the most nearby attraction in the Tashkent region – the historical architectural monument – the complex of Zangi-ota, located just 20 km from the centre of the capital.

This place is always peaceful and quiet. Here you can easily move away from the pressing problems and plunge into Nirvana.

The monument was built in the time of Tamerlane. According to the legend, the mausoleum was initially built in honor of the Muslim figure, Ahmed Yasavi, but the construction did not stick, as the wall of the building constantly crumbled. Locals say that once Yasavi himself appeared to Tamerlane in his dream and said that the monument should be built in honor of his faithful follower Ai Khoja. Soon the mausoleum was completed, and in the XIV century a madrassah and a mosque were built here.

The mausoleum of the great Muslim figure’s wife, Ambar-Bibi, was also built here. Most of the female population in the region regards Ambar-Bibi as their patron saint. According to the legend, in search of a successful marriage the girls sweep around the mausoleum seven times. There is even a special broom for such cases. Married women who want to get pregnant can perform another traditional ceremony here - to go around the mausoleum clockwise three times.

So, if you want to make the small Hajj or just to explore the local attraction, welcome to Zangi-ota.


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