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One of the world's largest global distribution systems, Amadeus, launched an advertising campaign to promote the tourism potential of Uzbekistan in Europe and Asia.

22.11.2023 594

In recent developments in the tourism sector, there is good news for the industry: a strategic cooperation agreement has been signed with the global distribution company Amadeus. This step is aimed at strengthening partnerships and promoting the tourism potential of Uzbekistan in European and Asian countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others.


The project opens new horizons for Uzbekistan, providing a unique opportunity to use advanced Amadeus technologies to promote its tourism potential. Amadeus will contribute to the development of digital solutions that will make travel to Uzbekistan more accessible, convenient and attractive for tourists from Europe and Asia.

One of the key aspects of cooperation is the creation of digital tools that allow tourists to explore the riches and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, as well as book and plan their trips with ease. This partnership aims to improve the tourist experience and give them greater freedom of choice.

Overall, the launch of this project is an important milestone for the tourism industry of Uzbekistan. The use of advanced technologies to stimulate tourism will strengthen the sympathy of reputable and influential international audiences for Uzbekistan and attract even more foreign tourists to Uzbekistan in the coming years.

For information:

Amadeus was founded in 2011 and is one of the world's largest civic database centers specializing in tourism. This computer system allows you to book flights, hotels, cruises and car rentals for more than 104,000 travel agencies.

In addition, the system provides flight information and availability for 784 airlines, flight reservations for 488 airlines, room reservations for 85,715 hotels, car rentals for 26 companies and cruise reservations for 20 companies worldwide.

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