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Opening horizons in the yurt camps of Uzbekistan


Would you like to be alone with nature, find harmony with the world around you, look at it from a new angle. Traveling to picturesque remote places, staying in authentic yurt camps will be a great opportunity to be alone with beautiful views, gain unforgettable impressions, relax from the transience of the city bustle.

Among the advantages of recreation in a yurt camp is not only the picturesque surroundings, it is a chance to touch the way of life of nomads, to experience unique moments that are impossible in modern life.

You will enjoy spending the night in a yurt, it is an unusual feeling when there are no wide walls and closeness from the outside world in the usual sense. You will hear the wind, the cries of birds, the sound of rain, the barking of a dog, but at the same time you are protected from all adversity. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and refreshed. You won't want to stay inside the yurt for a long time at all. After all, there will be so many interesting and unexplored things waiting for you in the camp and beyond!

We have prepared for you the top 5 yurt camps where you can take advantage of exclusive offers of ethnic recreation.

1. Yurt camp "Aidar" - a recreation area in the desert, located 10 kilometers from Lake Aidarkul in Navoi region, consists of 11 beautifully decorated yurts. The camp has everything you need for a pleasant pastime: restrooms with showers, a cozy yurt-dining room, gazebos for relaxation. There are tandoor for baking tortillas and samsa, a restaurant, electricity, cots on request.
Skilled chefs will demonstrate the process of cooking national dishes. In addition, hikes and tours are organized in the Kyzylkum desert to Lake Aydarkul and the Sarmyshsay Gorge, camel rides, jeep safaris are held. In the evening, you can relax near the campfire, enjoying the musical performance on national instruments.

2. Safari Yurt Camp is one of the largest camps, consisting of 20 yurts. It is located 60 kilometers from the ancient city of Nurata in Navoi region.
 Yurt camp
The atmosphere of the camp is unique, it feels like you are in the center of the route of the Great Silk Road, at the time of trade caravans and nomads. In the yurt camp, you will expect such benefits of civilization as comfortable restrooms, an equipped dining room and electricity.

From entertainment: delicious national cuisine, rest on the shore of Lake Aydarkul, camel riding, folklore show, walk and acquaintance with the endless desert, in which, contrary to all stereotypes, there is a rich life of flora and fauna.

 3. Muynak Yurt camp is located near the small town of Muynak in Karakalpakstan.

A memorable trip in a yurt camp through the newly formed salt marsh desert of Aralkum, the former bottom of the sea, is guaranteed to you. Muynak was once a major port city. Over time, when most of the Aral Sea dried up, fishing boats and an endless desert remained here. The Muynak camp is equipped with everything necessary, there are 5 yurts, cots, stationary toilets, showers, electricity, a dining room. Resting on this point of the Earth, you will be able to see the legendary cemetery of ships, the Museum of the Aral Sea, taste traditional Karakalpak cuisine and much more.

4. Yurt camp "Ayaz-Kala" is another miracle in the middle of the desert.The camp is located near the ruins of the ancient settlement of Ayaz-Kala (IV-II centuries BC.).Staying there, you will be able to get acquainted with the local sights of the ancient Khorezm civilization, get into the culture of the Karakalpak people. The camp is located 30 km away. from the city of Buston in Karakalpakstan. On the one hand, the Sultanuizdag mountain range is visible from the camp, and on the other – the Ayaz-Kul lake. Vacationers will be able to stay in spacious yurts, take part in excursions to the ruins of Ayaz-Kala, ride camels, and in the evenings enjoy the star-studded night sky.
5. Kanimekh Ecopark complex is located in the Kanimekh district of Navoi region. A large ecopark complex is presented here. On its territory there is a restaurant, an amphitheater, attractions, a sports ground, a musical fountain and, of course, yurts, 12 of which are designed for 12 people at the same time and 1 yurt for 25 people. In addition, in the ecopark you can visit a camel breeding farm and try the surprisingly healthy fermented milk drink shubat from camel milk.

It is worth noting that ethnic tourism is rapidly developing in our country and the selection of yurt camps presented by us is not the whole list. Follow our updates to stay up to date with the most unusual objects for recreation and travel.

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