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Rishtan ceramics


In the modern world, craft has long given way to industrial production. Despite this, there are still countries where folk crafts still flourish. One of them is Uzbekistan! Here you can see the blacksmith and jewelry shops and even the tandoors (ovens). And this is not surprising, because the Uzbek people have always treated the historical heritage and cultural values of their country with reverence!

Rishtan, a city in the Ferghana valley, is famous for its skilled potters and "signature" red clay. According to legend, the production of ceramics originated here more than a thousand years ago. Rishtan ceramics are very diverse and picturesque. Graceful forms, smooth lines of jugs and vases, a variety of floral ornaments, color scheme, manifested in all shades of azure – these are the distinctive features of dishes of incredible beauty.

Rishtan ceramics will not only decorate your home, but also serve as a talisman. Seeing these extremely beautiful patterns, you will be immersed in the world of the East!

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