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The Sultan Uvays-baba complex


The Sultan Uvays-baba complex (XVII – XIX centuries A.D.) is one of the most revered sites in the lower reaches of the Amudarya River. Its name is associated with the name of Uvays al-Karani. According to a legend, he was one of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and lived in the Karyain village in Yemen.Sultan Uvais-Bobo Complex

Scientists believe that the monument was built by Sultan MukhammadKhorezm Shah but was destroyed during the Mongol invasion. At the beginning of the XIX century, Eltuzar, the Khan of Khiva, constructed a new building. The latest mausoleum construction is attributed to Khan Allakuli (XIX century).

Today the monument is known as a sophisticated complex with well-developed infrastructure. It includes a mosque that serves the complex, “the holy pond,” shopping centres, canteens, a hotel as well as facilities and buildings.


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