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Tashkent Polytechnic museum


Address: Tashkent, Mirabad district, 13 Amir Temur street.

Contacts: +998 71 232 34 30 / +998 71 232 34 08

Schedule 10:00-18:00;

Day off: Monday

The Tashkent Polytechnic Museum was created on the initiative of «UZAUTOSANOAT» JS in November 2015. The museum includes two floors: on the first floor you can get acquainted with the history of the automotive industry in general and the development of the automotive industry in Uzbekistan in particular; the second floor, or "Interactive floor", allows you to gain knowledge about the world around you by experience.


The first floor of the museum is nominally divided into two thematic zones — "Retro" and "Modern". In the first zone, you will not only get acquainted with the history of transport development, starting with the invention of the wheel, but also see a number of unique exhibits, including the model of the first car. In this exhibition you will also see historical foreign cars like "Volkswagen Beetle" (Germany), "Chevrolet Bel Air" (USA), "Chayka" (USSR) and much more.


The Modern zone tells in detail about the automotive industry in our country. The products of UZAUTOSANOAT are widely represented here — from the «Damas» car to the Chevrolet Tracker 2023. Young visitors will be interested in the stand on which "Spark" is located, disassembled by cogs. In addition, the first Uzbek "Matiz" and "Spark" with the signature of the first President of Uzbekistan, as well as the millionth car, which became "Lacetti", are stored here.

Attention should be paid to the huge layouts that introduce the activities of automobile plants like "UzAutoMotors", "SamAuto", "UzTBM" and "UzAutoPowertrain".

Also here you can get acquainted with unique exhibits created by students of the Turin Polytechnic University. These are the installation "Kinetic Balls", which descend from the ceiling and form various shapes to measured music; "3D Mapping Show", which turns a white car into a colorful work of art and a hologram demonstrating the history of transport development.


On the second floor, visitors will find scientific and interactive exhibits that are of particular interest to children. After all, here you can catch a current, send a ball with an air stream into the ring, visit inside an inverted room or study the universe with the help of a planetarium.

It is worth noting that the museum has an interesting and clean playground, where master classes are often held on weekends for the youngest visitors to the museum.

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