The city of Chust - a center of handicrafts


The Namangan region is home to the city of Chust, which is one of the oldest cities in the valley and is famous for its unique knives, as well as traditional headdresses – skullcaps.

Knives made by the masters of the city rightfully deserve the title of the best in the country.

Uzbek knife

Chust is one of the oldest Central Asian metalworking cities. In the very center of the city there is a quarter of suzangars - blacksmiths who make knives, which is considered the heart of Chust. In small forges, hereditary Suzangars manually make pichaks - Uzbek knives. Each of the pichaks has its own purpose. Chust knives are incredibly sharp and beautiful. Their blade will serve its owner for a long time and will remain sharp.

The city is also famous for its skullcaps. They resonate quite strongly with any other types of skullcaps. They have unique patterns and ornaments. Craftsmen sew skullcaps by hand, adding unique details to them.

 Uzbek skullcap



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