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The tourism potential of Uzbekistan is promoted by the international publishing company “Lonely Planet”

29.11.2023 296

Uzbekistan has been raising eyebrows on the world stage with its popularity among tourists. One of the most notable events in this regard is the launch of an advertising campaign at the international publishing company “Lonely Planet” to promote the tourism potential of Uzbekistan.

As part of the “Best in Travel 2024” project, “Lonely Planet” is implementing several projects aimed at further developing the tourism sector in Uzbekistan and broadly promoting tourism potential in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Great Britain, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and European countries.

An advertising campaign launched by a well-known international publishing house introduces the unique cultural and historical sights of Uzbekistan. From the ancient cities of Samarkand and Bukhara to the modern capital of Tashkent, the campaign highlights the many reasons why Uzbekistan is a must-see destination for travelers. One of the key features of the campaign is its emphasis on the country's rich cultural heritage.

Overall, the launch of this project is an important milestone for the tourism industry of Uzbekistan. The use of the global publishing international company “Lonely Planet” will strengthen the sympathy for Uzbekistan among a reputable and influential international audience and attract even more foreign tourists to Uzbekistan in the coming years.

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The world-famous international publishing company “Lonely Planet” was founded in Australia in 1972 and is a publishing house specializing in tourism. It has been included in the BBC Worldwide group since 2007. More than 500 publications, books, and manuals are published annually, and the annual circulation exceeds 6 million copies. In 2018, Uzbekistan was included in this list for the first time, ranking second after South Korea. It is noteworthy that in terms of attractiveness our country is ahead of countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia.

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