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Unimaginable beauty of the Urgut district


Look what the spring has bloomed in Urgut, in the unique area of the Samarkand region! The birds are chirping everywhere, and the air is filled with the freshness and fragrance of spring flowers. April painted the local nature in bright and juicy colors. The majestic mountains of Zarafshan seem to stand guard over this beautiful landscape.

One of the main attractions of this area is the ancient Chor-minor garden. On the territory of the garden about fifty thousand-year-old plane trees grow. Many of them reach 16 meters in diameter. Each tree is like a messenger from the past. Their wonderful trunks and curved rhizomes create a unique appearance of the garden.

The natural cave was formed under the roots of one of the tree. The base of the tree serves as the the ceiling of this cave and the part of the walls are reinforced with bricks. The entrance/exit is protected by a carved door with a lock. So you can get inside only with the permission of a keeper. The interior is spacious, so it can easily fit ten people.

In fact, the garden with plane trees is a huge bowl, at the lowest point of which a spring lake with the purest water and goldfish is hidden. It is believed that the water of this Holy spring feeds the ancient plane trees.

The unique nature of the region is reflected in the works of people who produce carpets. Each ornament on the carpet has its own sacred meaning. Masters are inspired by stories from the surrounding nature. Such subjects can be garnet ornaments, “medallions” and “honeycombs”, geometric patterns, images of trees and bouquets, and even images of insects, animals and birds. Only vegetable paints, obtained from flowers and plant roots, are used for material coloring.

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