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Uzbek salads - a storehouse of vitamins


Each region of Uzbekistan is a unique corner, a unique land with a wonderful and pure nature. The Uzbek fertile land, thanks to the efforts and careful care of Uzbek dehkans-farmers, gives unimaginable root vegetables, from which you can prepare the most delicious and healthy salads.

The variety of vegetables in Uzbekistan is amazing. But perhaps the most favorite and well-known salad for everyone is the traditional salad of tomatoes and onions, which also includes a pod of Bulgarian and bitter pepper. In Uzbekistan, this salad is called Achchik-Chuchuk. You might think, " What's so special about this salad?" But, believe me, you will not taste such delicious tomatoes anywhere. And all because it is preferable to prepare a salad of Yusupov tomatoes  which has own inimitable taste .

Yusupov tomatoes are a real treat and a holiday on the Uzbek dastarkhan. Just imagine, a large tomato, pink or red in color, sweet and fleshy in taste, and the weight of one such fruit can reach up to 800 g – - well, isn't it a miracle? The variety was bred by the Uzbek breeder Karim Yusupov and has become legendary. Achchik-Chuchuk salad is best served as a cold dish and served with hot pilaf or shish kebab.

In the cold season, Uzbekistan likes to prepare salads from Margilan radish. One of the most popular salads is radish salad with pomegranate seeds or “Anor va Turup salati”. For salad radish cut into thin strips and add pomegranate seeds. As a result, the salad is obtained with a pleasant astringency and a slight sourness of pomegranate. This salad is a real storehouse of useful vitamins and trace elements.

In early spring, Uzbekistan likes to prepare radish salad with eggs. As a rule, for salad use radishes of the Bulgarian variety, pink-red color, as well as the may variety – also great for salad. As a result, the salad is made from small pieces of radish and eggs, sprinkled with herbs and seasoned with sour cream.

Another vitamin salad is a salad of cabbage and bell pepper - Karam va kalampir salati. A mixture of chopped cabbage and bell pepper, drizzled with oil, becomes an excellent option as an addition to the main dish.

Of course, these are not all salads that are worth trying in Uzbekistan. Seemingly simple, salads have their own unique taste and aroma. And the thing is that vegetables in Uzbekistan are environmentally friendly products. Thanks to the climate, the composition of the soil and water, the fruits are so rich and delicious. There is also an ancient culture of spice consumption in Uzbekistan. Adding spices and herbs, aromatics increase the appetite and make dishes so tasty.

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