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The picturesque village of Imam-ota and its shrines


Every corner of Uzbekistan is unique and peculiar. Ancient cities located in wonderful oasis fascinate with their historical heritage, unique traditions and culture. That is why every year the number of tourists from all over the world who want to see our country and breathe its air is growing. Thusly, the Andijan region, which has a modern infrastructure and high potential in the field of tourism, is in the center of attention of Uzbekistan and foreign guests.There are numerous attractions in the region, including an amazing village with several Imam-Ota shrines. The village is located in the Khojabad district, near the village of Tosh-Ota. Now this area has been transformed into a tourist village with numerous camping stops, restaurants and recreation areas. Guest houses, cafes, cultural and recreational facilities, viewing platforms will soon appear on this territory, all favorable conditions for a calm and useful rest will be created.

Imam-Ota settlement is famous for its shrines and pristine nature. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains and hills of Kirtoshtau. A small river flows through the entire village, and its sources begin with a sacred spring in the foothills of the Chilustun ridge. The water in the spring has healing properties, and its taste is slightly salty. In the vicinity, you can see the low peaks of the mountains of the Khojaabad district, which are covered with dense greenery and flowers. The air in this eco-corner is transparent, the therapeutic effect of mountain air on the body has been proven, it cleanses the bronchi and lungs.The territory of the village can be accessed through a narrow passage along the highway connecting Imam-Ota with other settlements of the Andijan region. In the center of the gorge there is a trail-ladder, it leads to the sacred place "Orzu gori". Climbing the western slope of the gorge, you can see an incredible general view of the village, a real mountain oasis.

There are several camping stops and 5 mountain routes in the village: "Savlati-Vikor", "Atrofi olam", "Ilon yoli", "Xon yoli", "Egar togi".

In addition, the village is rich in ancient architectural sights, such as the shrine "Imom-Ota", the architectural monument "Jome masjidi", the ancient tea house "Shahrixansoy" and another place of pilgrimage "Manak ota".

The shrine "Imom-Ota" deserves special attention. The mausoleum of Imam Muhammad Hanafi is located here. Historians and researchers believe that Muhammad Hanafi is the son of the governor of Khorasan Hazrat Ali, nicknamed here as Khorsan Bobo, and his son was nicknamed Imam-Ota for his contribution to the spread of Islam throughout Central Asia.
The Islamic shrine was built in the XVIII century and restored at the end of the XIX century. The historical object was taken under state protection in 1982 as a monument of ancient architecture. In the near future, the shrine will turn into a large pilgrimage center. Roads and sidewalks will be organized to it, service and medical centers, places for recreation, flower beds and much more will appear.Our homeland never ceases to amaze with its fantastic places that can become a genuine discovery. A trip to the Imamate will be an excellent solution to recover from illness, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, visit holy places and just be in the bosom of nature.



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