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Bedana kabob – The stuffed quail


There are so many dishes that surprise with their fine work. These dishes are prepared with love, you may feel a part of the soul of the cook.

One of them, Bedana kabob, the stuffed quail, is a very refined dish, a real delicacy, and its preparation is the real art. This dish was cooked and served before only in the wealthy Uzbek families, most often at the festivals of the Khan's courts. The famous Andijan chef, Mamatkhon Sokiev, became the helper of the famous chef at the age of 10 (about the beginning of the XX century) and recorded several versions of this delicious dish. Watch one of them on the video.

The taste of the dish is magical – fragrant quail and lamb, spices and vegetables create an indescribable bouquet of flavors.

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