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Boin gusht kabob – Stewed lamb neck


Boin gusht kabob is one of the new dishes of Uzbek cuisine. The main secret of the dish is the tender lamb neck meat. This traditional dish of Uzbek teahouses used to be popular in the region of the Ferghana valley, in Andijan (Asaka), Namangan and in Ferghana city itself. Nowadays you can taste it in any teahouse of Uzbekistan.

To make the meat soft and the fat layer just melt in the mouth, it needs to be stewed for 4-5 hours. As meat is cooked, the new potatoes are fried in the cauldron until golden brown and sprinkled with salt, so that the salt is well absorbed into the hot rind of the potatoes.

The dish is more appetizing with crumbly new potatoes and decorated with the fragrant herbs. The real delicacy for the real men!

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