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Green Samsa


Ko’k (Green) samsa is a joy, true happiness, spring festival! And what associations do you have about this delicious food?

It takes a lot of work to cook Uzbek samsa, especially, if samsa is prepared from puff pastry. Every touch, every ingredient keeps cooking secrets that have been passed down for generations.

Green samsa takes an honorable place on the Uzbek dastarkhan (table). Green samsa is prepared in early spring, when the first young sprouts of spring herbs appear. Everyone knows that in the spring our body is exhausted, it lacks vitamins and nutrients. Thus, cooking Green samsa has become a long-standing tradition and a real celebration of the renewal of a new life. What could be better than such samsa with a valuable filling of green herbs?

For many Uzbek housewives, cooking Green samsa has become commonplace, because it is loved by both adults and children. The composition of the “green” filling may change slightly, but in general remains unchanged.

You can find out the traditional recipe and method of cooking Green samsa in our video. There, professional chef  Bahriddin Chustiy demonstrates how to prepare such a culinary masterpiece.

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