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Manti - a delicious steamed dumplings


Having tasted the Uzbek cuisine, you may think that all dishes are based on fried meat and vegetables, but this is not the case at all. There are dishes prepared by steaming. For example, manti is a great dish, rich, delicious, and, most importantly, healthy.

In fact, manti are large steamed dumplings. To prepare them, you need to make stiff dough. Minced meat or finely chopped meat is placed in a small-sized round or square of the dough and a piece of fat is added for a more succulent. The main rules of modeling manti are thin dough (only 2 mm.) and juicy filling. That's why manti are so delicious! Manti are cooked in a special steam pot on tiers.

Manti are usually served with Suzma (in Samarkand it is called Chakka) – a fermented milk product that looks like the curdled milk, but with its own taste. Suzma is a great addition to manti and can be used as a snack.

Uzbeks are open people, and they are not afraid of experimenting with national dishes. Therefore, manti, like other traditional dishes of Uzbekistan, can be prepared in different ways. For example, manti can be cooked with pilaf – pilaf manti. There are fried manti – Kovurma manti, manti boiled in the broth – Suv manti, manti made of sour dough with open minced meat – Ochik manti, Andijan manti, manti with pumpkin – Oshkovok manti as well.

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