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“Golden triangle” tourist route in Surkhandarya region


Surkhandarya region is the southernmost region of Uzbekistan. Surrounded by the Hissar range to the north and the Kugitangtau and Baisuntau spurs to the west, the region is ideal for mountain and eco – tourism.

For a long time, the Surkhandarya region remained a mystery. Until the last quarter of the XIX century, the mountains located in the South of the Hissar range were practically not studied. In 1875, during the "Hissar expedition", Surkhandarya region began to be discovered from a new side. It was found that the Surkhandarya oasis is located in a hollow on the plain, and it is bordered on the east, north and west by mountain ranges. In the south, the oasis is washed by the most abundant river in Central Asia – the Amu Darya. The geographical location and orographic features have shaped the unique climate of this area. The western spurs of the Hissar range protect the valley from the invasion of cold air masses, and the southern side is open to the penetration of warm tropical air.

The climate and geography of Surkhandarya made it possible to preserve historical monuments, ruins of ancient cities, untouched natural attractions almost in their original form. Surkhandarya has become an interesting tourist route, where you can see atypical architecture for Uzbekistan, colorful buildings of antiquity, as well as get acquainted with the unique, original culture characteristic of this region.

In 2020, the State Committee for Tourism Development created a new tourist route in Surkhandarya region "Golden triangle" with geolocations of the region's attractions, which will be used by tourist buses in the near future.

We offer you to learn what to see, where to stay and what to try from a specially designed infographic about the tourist route.
Digital map of the tourist route "Golden Triangle"

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