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The number of mosques in Uzbekistan has exceeded 2,100

15.12.2021 1693

According to announcement of the Department of Muslims of Uzbekistan the number of mosques in the state has exceeded 2,100 in our country. Recently, a new cathedral mosque "Yusuf ota" was built in Karakalpakstan.

The construction of a new mosque in the Cimbai district (Kenes village) was started in 2020. The opening ceremony of the new mosque took place on December 10 this year. The mosque was built through hashar by local entrepreneurs and citizens.

Today there are 58 mosques in Karakalpakstan, the previous 57th cathedral mosque "Atajan Khoja" was opened in December this year on the territory of the village gathering of citizens "Kos Jap" in Kanlykul district.

Thus, the total number of mosques in Uzbekistan has reached 2,101.

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