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An edition dedicated to Al-Khwarizmi has been published in Spain

15.09.2021 934

In Spain, the Association "Real Liga Naval Espanola" published a book dedicated to the life and work of the great Uzbek thinker, the founder of algebra Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi “Al Juarismi – Entre España y Uzbekistán” (“Al Khorezmi – Between Spain and Uzbekistan”), reports “Dunyo” information agency.

The author of the unique publication is a well-known scientist, mathematician, professor of the Complutense University of Madrid, member of the Royal Society of the Spanish Navy Alfredo Surroca.

The book tells about the scientific discoveries of Al-Khwarizmi in various fields of science: theoretical and practical astronomy, mathematics, history and geography.

The author notes that Al-Khwarizmi was the first to introduce the whole world to Arabic numerals, was the founder of algebra and the author of one of the first Arabic astronomical, geographical and historical treatises.

It was thanks to Al-Khwarizmi that Europe learned what decimal counting and numbers are, and the terms algebra and algorithm are derived from his name and the title of a scientific book.

In particular, Al-Khwarizmi's work on algebra "Kitab al-jabr wa-l-mukabala" - "A short book of calculus on algebra and almukabula" gained such popularity in the medieval West that for several centuries in a row it served as a classical mathematical text for students of European universities.

For such a significant contribution to mathematical science and its popularization, the world scientific community rightly called Al-Khwarizmi the "Father of Algebra".

The Spanish edition of " Al-Khwarizmi - Between Spain and Uzbekistan" describes in detail the Al-Khwarizmi calculus of six types of square and linear equations, as well as methods for solving them, which are still used today.

The publication was published with the support of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Madrid and is intended for both students, postgraduates and scientific and academic circles, as well as for a wide range of Spanish-speaking readers.

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