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Some touristic and recreational areas of Bostanlyk district are put up for electronic online auction

04.07.2022 1166

According to Decree No. 560 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan which is included in Appendix 2 by decision No. 560 dated September 17, 2020, located on the territory of the Bostanlyk district "Nanai" MFU "Shohobcha No. 16" and "Unfinished object belonging to the society of the former deaf" in the territory Novabad" MFY were put up for auction on an electronic online auction. Accordingly, the directorate of the tourist and recreational zone "Chorvok" prepared investment obligations for "Shohobche No. 16".

In addition, in accordance with the master plan of the tourist and the Chorvok recreational zone, a proposal was made to divide these objects into several lots during the bidding of the recreation center "Iktisodchi", which is indicated in the 1st annex of the decision.

Furthermore, proposals were made for the sale of the "Unfinished club Building" located in the Koktonli MFU, Bostanlyk district, with minimal investment, social obligations and other conditions listed below.

I. Minimum investment and social obligations.

1. The implementation period is 14 months

2. Investment commitments:

a) creation of a catering complex, a guest house, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a souvenir and gift shop, a hardware store, a barber shop, a women's beauty salon;

b) Investments in the amount of 300.0 million soums;

c) Harmonization of the frontage and the roof of the buildings with the natural landscape using natural and artificial materials such as crushed stone, clay and wood.

3. Creation of five additional jobs.

II. Requirements for architecture and design.

1. Development of landscape design.

2. Coordination of the twin project with the directorate of the TRZ "Chorvok".

3. Compliance with the requirements of the following and other regulatory documents in the field of construction and urban planning:

– Land Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Urban Planning Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– General plan of TRZ "Chorvok";

– SHNK 1.03.02-04, SHNK 2.07.01-03.

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