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Uzbek kebab


Probably everyone is familiar with the indescribable smell of delicious barbeque spreading along the street. Meat is very popular in Uzbekistan and is cooked here a lot. And everyone knows that the most delicious meat is kebab – meat on the skewers, well marinated and cooked on the open fire.

Uzbek kebabs are a unique chance to find out how delicious and succulent meat can be. Having tasted a piece of delicious shish kebab once, it is impossible to stop.

In Uzbekistan, a huge number of different types of kebabs are prepared. Classic Uzbek shish kebab is the tenderest meat, properly marinated with spices and skewered with small slices of lamb fat (dumba). This type of kebab usually is cooked from lamb. In addition, there are also other types of barbecue: beef liver kebab (Dzhigar kabob), chicken BBQ, Beshpanja (formed on five skewers at once), Charvi kabob (meat covered with melted fat). However, the most known and favorite shish kebab in Uzbekistan is Kiyma shish kebab (from minced meat).

With the first bite of such a barbecue, even the most experienced gourmets begin to squint with pleasure. The meat melts in the mouth and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The tender meat in a piquantly fried crust flashes on the tongue and has an unsurpassed taste of melted fat and an amazing bouquet of spices.

Kebabs are prepared everywhere in Uzbekistan, but there is one amazing place that is famous for its kebabs. Gijduvan is located 50 kilometers from Bukhara. The city has been known since the X-century, and is famous for its kebabs. If you ask the locals what is the most delicious shish kebab, they will certainly answer – Gijduvan. Gijduvan shish kebabs are already a brand of incredibly delicious barbeque. And to understand what the peculiarity of Gijduvan kebab is, we recommend you to travel the Bukhara region for a gastronomic research.

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